Thursday, May 26, 2011

Working on New Posts

  Sorry, I have not listed any new markers during May.  I have been working on re-organizing my collection of markers and complete some research on markers, particularly related to the U.S. Civil War.  I have also been taking additional photos of markers in West Virginia and Kentucky along with a few new ones in Virginia.  My collection of markers is almost up to 2000 different historical markers.

  I hope to have new posts in June, but I have not stopped, I am just refocusing and doing more research.  I am learning how to do this blog as I post more markers and hopefully it will improve with each additional post.

A71ActionAtMillCreekVA6  I occasionally list some of my markers on the “Historical Markers Database.”  They are attempting to catalog all the historical markers in the U.S. using volunteers.  They list any history related markers where I concentrate specifically on the state metal historical markers.  They have a large collection, but still are working to add more markers each day and there are a lot of markers in the U.S. to go.  This is a very interesting database and you can discover the relationships that exist between markers within specific states and multiple states.

  I just this week contributed photos of a new metal Virginia historical markers that was dedicated on April 30, 2011 near Quicksburg in Shenandoah County called “Action at Mill Creek.”  The marker is now listed on the “Historical Markers Database.”  Take the time to check out this database and my marker submission.

  I will return in June with more “Little Bits of History.”

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