Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hatfield and McCoy Markers on HMdb

Devil Anse Hatfield grave marker in Logan County, WV  I have taken thousands of photographs of historical markers in several states over the years.  I have enough photos to keep me busy posting on my own blog for the next several years.  Therefore, I also contribute photos to the Historical Markers Database, which is a web site dedicated to collecting photos and information about all the historic markers in the United States and other countries using volunteers throughout the U.S.

  Each week their web site highlights a particular historica marker of interest.  This week they highlighted the “Hatfield Cemetery” marker which I contributed photographs as well as posting the Hatfield and McCoy markers on my blog here.  The “Hatfield Cemetery” marker is the second most visited marker viewed on their web site this year with over 14,000 views.  The number of views both on their web site and my blog is due in large part to the History Channel’s series on the feud.  I also contributed all of the markers related to the Hatfield and McCoy feud appearing on the Historical Marker Database so far.

  You can check out the markers, I posted there by following the above link or you can check out my posts by following the links related to categories for “Hatfield and McCoy Feud” on the right of my blog posts.

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